Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The X Factor USA Season 3 - Live Show #1 Top 16

It's time for the first live show for this season. There will be no voting lines this week cause the judges will decide on which 3 acts they want to bring with them to the Top 12. My predictions for the eliminations are Ellona, Tim, James & RoXxy Montana.


1. Ellona Santiago (Till The World Ends) - A-
2. Danie Geimer (Wrecking Ball) - C (Eliminated)
3. Rion Paige (Skyscraper) - B
4. Khaya Cohen (Mercy) - B-

~ Demi picked the wrong song for Danie. The song doesn't suits her voice at all cause she's a soulful singer and the arrangement didn't help her. I'm rooting for her but she was the weakest one. Demi also picked wrong song for Rion & Khaya. 


1. Josh Levi (Only Girl In The World) - B (Eliminated)
2. Carlos Guevara (Don't You Worry Child) - B+
3. Carlito Olivera (Maria Maria) - B+
4. Tim Olstad (Always) - B+

~ Paulina's boys weren't as bad as I thought it could be. Carlito surprised me and I also love Tim's vocal. But he's still bored me. Carlos also did great. and Josh's song didn't suit him. He had some problem. But he has so much potential. He was eliminated. 

Overs 25

1. Lillie McCloud (When A Man Loves A Woman) - A-
2. Jeff Gut (Try) - A-
3. Rachel Potter (I Hope You Dance) - A
4. James Kenney (Red) - B+ (Eliminated)

~ Definitely the best category this week. Every single one of them deserved to move forward. I think Kelly made a right call.


1. RoXxy Montana (Royals) - B+ (Eiminated)
2. Sweet Suspense (I Like It) - A-
3. Alex & Sierra (Blurred Lines) - A
4. Restless Road (Roar) - B+

~ I love Alex & Sierra. They made me love that song even more. I love their version more compare to Robin Thicke's. Sweet Suspense surprised me. Restless Road still looks awkward on stage while I love RoXxy Montana's makeover. But Simon made a right decision when he chose to eliminate RoXxy Montana.


~ And there's a good news for Josh. Judges decided to bring him to the next live shows so Paulina will have 4 boys. I wish they would bring James back.

Here are my Rankings for the Top 13

1. Alex & Sierra
2. Rachel Potter
3. Ellona Santiago
4. Restless Road
5. Sweet Suspense
6. Rion Paige
7. Jeff Gutt
8. Lillie McCloud
9. Khaya Cohen
10. Tim Olstad
11. Carlos Guevara
12. Carlito Olivera
13. Josh Levi

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