Thursday, 14 November 2013

The X Factor USA Season 3 - Live Show #2 Top 13


The theme for the last week show is Motown. And something bad happened during the live show. The voting lines for several acts were mixed up so every single votes was scrapped and every contestants need to perform their 'Save Me' song. And the public will vote again and one act will be sent home at the beginning of the next live show.

1. Josh Levi ~ Who's Loving You: B+ & Stay: A- 
~ I want James to come back as the wildcard but Josh didn't upset me at all. Both performances were solid. I love Stay so much. Great vocal. He's definitely the best act in the Boys category this week.

2. Rachel Potter ~ This Old Heart Of Mine: B+ & Anyway: A
~ Both solid performances. I love her sing off performance more cause it was so effortless and her vocal is so smooth.

3. Carlos Guevara ~ What's Going On: B- & Cannonball: B
~ Cannonball was better but I don't know. He has some trouble with the pitch. And What's Going On was definitely his worst performance in the competition.

4. Restless Road ~ Easy: B+ & Don't You Wanna Stay: B
~ Both performances were just okay to me. I expected more from them but their harmony improved a lot from the week before.

5. Ellona Santiago ~ Baby Love: A- & Titanium: A
~ Ellona continued to impressed me. Both performances were great. Her energy level was great and her vocal in Titanium proved that she's one of the best vocalists here. 

6. Jeff Gutt ~ Say You, Say Me: B+ & In The Air Tonight: B+
~ Jeff did good last week. I think he'll be okay but he needs right song to fit his rock voice. I want to see his rocker side more. 

7. Alex & Sierra ~ I Heard It Through The Grapevine: A- & Gimme Love: A+
~ Wow. Just wow. They were like on different level this week. Very entertaining and their vocals sound great together. I want them to win. 

8. Khaya Cohen ~ My Girl: B & Distant Dreamer: A-
~ My girl was just okay to me but Distant Dreamer is really good. Demi needs to pick better song for her. Maybe Demi should just let Khaya choose her own song. 

9.Carlito Olivero ~ Stop! In The Name of Love: B+ & If You're Not The One: C+
~ I like his Motown performance but his sing off. Something wrong with his voice and his falsettos were just off. Not a good week for him.

10. Lillie McCloud ~ All Is Fair In Love: B+ & Who Wants To Live Forever: B+
~ Lillie has great vocal but her problem was, she looked so old fashioned. From the outfit to her song choice. I want her to sing something current and the theme didn't help her at all. 

11. Sweet Suspense ~ You Keep Me Hangin' On: A- & That Should Be Me: A
~ I was so surprised with their performances. I think fan will love them. That Should Be Me was just so beautiful and I love the fact that. they get to sing solo for the first time. 

12. Rion Paige ~ Ain't No Mountain High Enough: B & Born This Way: A
~ Her Motown performance was so average but she shines in Born This Way. I agree with Simon that Demi should stop picking song for her acts. Paulina too. 

13. Tim Olstad ~ I'll Be There: B+ & I Believe I Can Fly: B
~ Just when I thought, Demi is the worst mentor when it comes to pick the right song, Paulina was even worst. There's nothing special in I'll Be There and I Believe I Can Fly? Oh gosh. Too bad cause his vocal is good. Zzzzz

My Top 3 picks for this week are ~ Alex & Sierra, Ellona Santiago & Sweet Suspense

My Bottom 3 picks are ~ Carlos Guevara, Carlito Olivero & Tim Olstad

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