Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Voice USA Season 5 - Live Show #4 Top 8

Hello guys especially The Voice fans. I'm worry for Caroline this week. I'm worry about her song choice. I felt bad for her cause she's stuck with Ceelo who is the worst coach ever. I hope she survived this week cause she's my number 1 favorite. 

1. James Wolpert (Somebody To Love) ~ I don't like the song choice because so many people sang this before. He sang it well. But the overall concept of his performance was so weird. The background singer dress and wearing glasses like him. But it was an okay performance. B+

2. Tessanne Chen (Underneath It All) ~ Finally I love Tessanne's performance. She was so good and really comfortable on the stage. She connect to the song, audience and she slayed that song. A

3. Caroline Pennell (Dog Days Are Over) ~ I'm not sure if this performance will save Caroline. It was okay but I think the song is too big for her. The arrangement didn't really help her. I think she's in trouble. B+

4. Cole Vosbury (I Still Believe In You) ~ I love this performance. His tone is so beautiful and Cole sang it really well. I think Cole has the potential to win this competition. A

5. Matthew Schuler (It's Time) ~ I thought this song is going to be perfect for him but it wasn't. Something was wrong about his performance. He's so pitchy and why he tried to dance. I just don't get it at all. I'm worried for Matthew as well. C

6. Will Champlin (At Last) ~ I was like 'arghh this song, I can't stand it anymore' but Will slayed it. It was like the best rendition of this song ever. He connected to the song and his vocal was amazing. Best performance from his so far. A

7. Ray Boudreaux (Gimme Some Lovin) ~ ZzzzzzZzzz. I don't see any different from his performance from week to week. I felt like he's giving us the same exact thing every week. I'm pretty sure he's going home this week. B-

8. Jacquie Lee (Who's Loving You) ~ Jacquie is back!!! She slayed the song. Her vocal is amazing. She's definitely going to be here again next week. I need her to sing a current song that fits her voice next week. A

Much better show than last week. My Top 3 are Will, Jacquie & Tessanne. I'm worried for Caroline & Matthew. I'm pretty sure Ray is going home. I think Cole will be safe. Not so sure about James. 

Bottom 3 ~ Caroline Pennell, Matthew Schuler & Ray Boudreaux. My nightmare became true. Both Caroline & Matthew are in the bottom 3 and no matter who's going home, I'm going to be sad. 


Saved: Matthew Schuler
7th Place: Caroline Pennell :(
8th Place: Ray Boudreaux

Caroline... I'm going to miss her. At least I still can listen to her songs. Can we just get rid off Ceelo now. He doesn't have any function now. I hope we will never see him again in the future. He and Christina were like the worst coaches in The Voice so when Usher & Shakira replaced them last season, I was so happy and wish we never have to see those 2. But they still come back. And Christina, she stepped up her coaching. She's a better coach now and I really love her this season. But Ceelo, he's still the same Ceelo. His new single sucks by the way. I'm having a meltdown now. The last time my favorite was eliminated too early was Pia Toscano from American Idol 10. 

Good Bye, Caroline Pennell.

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