Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Voice USA Season 5 ~ Live Shows #1: The Playoffs Top 20


It's time for the Live Playoffs. Only 3 out of 5 will make it to the Live Shows. Public will vote 2 artists to move forward while the coach will pick one artist. 

Team Adam

1. James Wolpert (A Case of You) ~ Wow. James nailed it. Great vocal. It was great to finally see something different from him. I don't know the song but it was so beautiful. A+

2. Grey (Still Into You) ~ Grey was energetic and I kinda like this song for her but her vocal was off tonight. Too bad cause she's my favorite. B-

3. Will Chaplin (Secret) ~ Another great performance from Team Adam. Great vocal. His stage present was great. I love the way he started with piano and move onto the center stage. Great performance. A-

4. Preston Pohl (Nothing On You) ~ Something current for him. He did good. The phrasing could be better but he did a good job. It's going to be hard for Adam to pick his team. B+

5. Tessanne Chin (Many Rivers To Cross) ~ Beautiful vocal and she delivered. I love this side of her but please give something decent to wear. She looks so old fashioned. A-

Team Blake

1. Shelbie Z (Fancy) ~ Great energy. Love the song for her. She rocked it. But she needs to be careful with her vocal. B+

2. Nic Hawk (Blurred Lines) ~ He started well but after that, it didn't worked out for him. The rap was horrible. He took the risk but it didn't worked for him. C

3. Ray Boudreaux (Home) ~ I don't know this song but he did great. Love his soulful voice. B+

4. Austin Jenckes (She Talks To Angels) ~ Good vocal but I don't know. Nothing interests me about this performance. It was too relax. B

5. Cole Vosbury (Maggie May) ~ Cole is so loveable. Good performance but I want to see more from him. B+

Team Ceelo

1. Amber Nicole (Wasting All These Tears) ~ Country song for a Pop/R&B singer. I just don't get it. It didn't worked for her at all. C+

2. Jonny Grey (Bittersweet Symphony) ~ Decent performance. Nothing much to say. I want to see more from him. B+

3. Tamara Chauniece (I Will Survive) ~ Lazy song choice from Ceelo. What's wrong with him but Tamara nailed it. Kudos for her cause this song is very karaoke-ish. A-\
4. Kat Robichaud (She Keeps Me Warm) ~ Love the song. Finally we can see her doing ballad. I love it. I just don't get why they changed it to You Keep Me Warm. A-

5. Caroline Pennell (We're Going To Be Friends) ~ I listened to the original song and it was kind of monotone but Caroline doing her things and it worked for her. She's so good. A+

Team Christina

1. Josh Logan (Crazy) ~ The runs were just too much. I think he over-sing the song. The phrasing was just weird to me. I don't like this. C+

2. Olivia Henken (Roar) ~ I love the first part but when she hits the chorus, it just didn't worked out for her. Great effort. B

3. Stephanie Anne Johnson (Georgia On My Mind) ~ I love Danie Geimer's version more but it was solid. Good vocal and I love her outfit. B+

4. Matthew Schuler (Wrecking Ball) ~ Damn. He's so good. I love his emotion and his vocal is great. Wow. A+

5. Jacquie Lee (I Put On A Spell) ~ Wow. She slayed the song. Gorgeous. A+

My Top 5 picks for the Best Performance are Caroline, Jacquie, James, Matthew & Will. 


Public Votes
Team Adam ~ James & Tessanne
Team Blake ~ Cole & Austin (What?)
Team Ceelo ~ Caroline & Jonny
Team Christina ~ Jacquie & Matthew

Coaches' Picks
Team Adam ~ Will (I thought he's going to pick Preston so yay for Will)
Team Blake ~  Ray (Shelbie :( )
Team Ceelo ~ Kat (Great pick)
Team Christina ~ Josh (Hmmm... What? Steph or Olivia deserved more than him)

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