Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Product Review: Sephora Eau De Toilette Chocolate


I really love the Smoothing Body Scrub that I bought from Sephora recently, especially the rich chocolate scent in it so I went to Sephora again to buy another product. I really like the packaging of EDT mini spray so I decided to buy that one, also in Chocolate.

I think the packaging/bottle is very convenient. I can put it in my bag and bring it with me everywhere. I love the smell so much. Not so very different from the smell of the scrub, so I really love it. The price for this 7ml spray is RM 22. It's a little bit expensive for 7 ml product but I just love the smell so much. So, next in my wishlist is the Creamy Body Wash also in Chocolate. 

By the way, I also received a welcome gift from Sephora which is a Creamy Body Wash in Orange Blossom. I want the Chocolate one, unfortunately, you can't choose which scent that you want. I didn't like the smell of this one. The smell is too leafy for me. And I also bought myself a Fizzing Cube in Caramel. I haven't try this one yet but the smell is quite strong. I'm going to try this one tonight. I'm going to split this cube into two though. That's how you save your money, folks!!!

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