Monday, 4 November 2013

The Voice USA Season 4 - Knockout Rounds


After the Battle Rounds, it's time for the Knockout Rounds. I love this stage cause the contestants get to pick the song by themselves. I love it even more, cause the first time, the coach will get a chance to steal the losing contestants in the Knockout Rounds. Here are the result

Team Adam

The winners of the Knockout rounds from Team Adam are James W, Grey, Tessanne & Preston. Adam stole Will back from Team Christina. Two of my favorites from Team Adam (Juhi & Ashley) lost. However, Team Adam is still full with a lot of great performers. It's going to be hard for Adam to pick only 3 out of this lineup. It could be anyone. But I want to see James W, Grey & Will make it to the Top 12.

Team Blake

I'm so sad to see Holly went home but she picked the wrong song and the arrangement didn't compliment her voice. Beside Holly, I was surprised that Brandon also didn't make it to the Top 20. The winners are Ray, Shelbie, Austin, Nic and Blake stole Cole from Team Ceelo. My pick for the Top 12 from Team Blake are Ray, Shelbie & Nic. I also kinda like Cole. 

Team Christina

One of my picks from Team Christina didn't make it. Too bad, there's only a room for one country singer in Christina's team and it's not Destinee. The winners are Olivia, Jacquie, Matthew & Josh. Christina also stole Stephanie Anne back from Team Ceelo. Another strong lineups. I don't know what's going to happen but my Top 3 from Team Christina are Matthew, Jacquie & Olivia. 

Team Ceelo

I think Ceelo made a great decision overall. I want to see George Horga Jr though, cause I think he has so much potential. The winners are Caroline, Kat, Jonny & Tamara. Ceelo also stole Amber Nicole from Team Christina. My top 3 for Ceelo's team are quite obvious. Caroline, Jonny & Kat. 

So that's my Top 12 picks for the Live Playoff Rounds. It's definitely not going to be 100% correct but we will see. 

Once again here are my Top 12 picks;

James W, Grey, Will, Shelbie, Ray, Nic, Matthew, Jacquie, Olivia, Caroline, Jonny & Kat

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