Monday, 18 November 2013

The Voice USA Season 5 - Live Show #2 Top 12

One of the reason why I love The Voice over American Idol and The X Factor is because they didn't have specific theme so the artist can be whoever they want. And when it came to the song choice, The Voice is so current. Here is my recap to the Top 12 show. 

1. Caroline Pennell (Wake Me Up) ~ Caroline started off so well but when she started to move around the stage, she lost her concentration to the song. But it was still a solid performance for me. Her tone mesmerized me and I just can't describe how beautiful her voice is. B+

2. Josh Logan (Man In The Mirror) ~ I like this. No more crazy runs and it was a solid performance. But the song choice... I heard this song so many times and no one can do this better than MJ so it kinda bothered me a little bit. But still solid. B+

3. James Wolpert (Mr Brightside) ~ I love this. There was a problem with his vocal but that was just a tiny problem. Other than that, he's fantastic. A-

4. Austin Jenckes (It's A Great Day To Be Alive) ~ Just when I thought, Blake is not going to have a country artist this season, he made Austin to sing a country song. But somehow it worked. I like it. His vocal suited the song. B+

5. Jacquie Lee (Love Is Blindness) ~ Wow. She slayed the song. Her vocal was phenomenal. She's going to be a great contender for the title this season. A+

6. Ray Boudreaux (All Of Me) ~ Beautiful song and I can felt his performance. I think he connected well to the audience and the women will love him. B+

7. Kat Robichaud (Sail) ~ Last week was good, but this week performance was more 'Kat'. She rocked it. She was so comfortable on stage. A

8. Jonny Grey (Another Day In Paradise) ~ I love this song for him but I think it was too safe. I want to see more from him. But this was solid performance from Jonny. B+

9. Tessanne Chin (My Kind Of Love) ~ I thought Tessanne is going to nail this song but it didn't worked. Her timing was off. For the first time, I didn't like her performance. B

10. Matthew Schuler (Hallelujah) ~ So many people covered this song but no one did as better as Matthew. He nailed it on every aspects. Just love. Christina has two strongest vocalists right now. She better not messed up this two singers. A+

11. Cole Vosbury (Adorn) ~ He was so adorable. This was good. I love how beautiful his tone was. And the song was perfect for him. He's very likeable. A-

12. Will Champlin (Demons) ~ Will nailed it. I love this. His raspy tone worked perfectly for this song. He rocked it out. I love it so much. A+

Overall, what a strong week. No one deserved to be eliminated. My Top 5 (since it's really hard for me to pick only 3) are Jacquie, Matthew, Will, Kat & James

Bottom 3 ~ Jonny, Josh & Kat. One of them will be saved by the Twitter's Instant Save


Saved: Kat Robichaud (YAY)
11th Place: Josh Logan
12th Place: Jonny Grey

Tough week so anything could happen. I like Josh & Jonny this week so it sucks to see these 2 went home. I can't wait to see the next live show.

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