Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The X Factor USA Season 3 - Live Show #3 Top 12


Let's start with the result from last week. Since there were some technical issues last week, we will only find out the result during the live show for this week. 

Top 13 Elimination: Carlos Guevara. He definitely was the weakest one based on last week performance. He's a nice guy but his song choices were just too boring. 

After Carlos' elimination, the live show for Top 12 starts and 2 more acts will be eliminated this week. The theme for this week is 1980's songs Zzzzzz...

1. Lillie McCloud (Ain't Nobody) ~ This time she picked an upbeat song. And she tried her best to be current but it just didn't worked for me. But I can't blame her cause the theme was 80's. B-

2. Carlito Olivero (Rhythm Is Gonna Get You) ~ Like the song but he was out of breathe. He has potential but he didn't have the X factor. So he wasn't really memorable to me.C

3. Rion Paige (We Belong) ~ She tried her best, but something is missing. Demi picked this song. I thought we were agree to let Rion picked her own song since she slayed Born This Way last week. Not a good week for Rion. B-

4. Sweet Suspense (Mickey) ~ This song sounds so silly and stupid and it's not for a singing competition. I love 'That Should Be Me' cause these girls have great vocal. But we can't see it with this stupid song. I'm worried for them. C

5. Tim Olstad (Against All Odds) ~ Another predictable song choice from Tim. It was so cheesy and lame. C

6. Khaya Cohen (Borderline) ~ Finally a worthy performance to watch and surprisingly, it was from Khaya. She made the song her own. And finally, she didn't over-sing the song. A-

7. Restless Road (Footloose) ~ I want to like them cause their potential is so massive but something was off. I think their chemistry was good but their vocal just didn't blended well with each other. Nice song choice. B-

8. Rachel Potter (Alone) - Arghh... This song again. But it was solid until suddenly she decided to scream. I was like what happened? Did someone hit her? Supposed to be a great performance but it became average with that scream. B

9. Ellona Santiago (I Wanna Dance With Somebody) ~ Another dance tune for Ellona and the production was so big. But Ellona looked so tired and I'm not going to blame her cause this is her third weeks in a row, she had to sing a fast song with dance choreography. She looked tired and even fell on the stage. Average performance. B

10. Josh Levi (Straight Up) ~ Okay. Now I'm officially happy he got another chance cause this performance was stunning. He made the song sounds so current. This is definitely the best performance so far. A

11. Jeff Gutt (Died In Your Arms) ~ It wasn't my favorite performance from Jeff. Nothing stood out for me. Everything was so basic. B-

12. Alex & Sierra (Addicted To Love) ~ I think the judges were so biased toward them. Even Simon tried to make them looked back to make sure Restless Road will win this competition. They performed great. Their vocals were on point. A

My Top 3 picks for this week are very clear; Josh, Alex & Sierra and Khaya. 

Bottom 3: Sweet Suspense, Khaya Cohen & Rachel Potter. Wow at Khaya being in the bottom 3 while Tim & Carlito survived the elimination. 

Instant Elimination: Sweet Suspense. I knew they're going to be one of the Bottom 3 but I didn't expected for them to be eliminated this early. Stupid Simon with his stupid Mickey song choice. 

Sing-Off: Khaya slayed her 'Save Me' song while Rachel struggled with her choice. It was obvious who should stay. 


Kelly: Khaya
Demi: Rachel
Simon: Rachel

By 3-1, Rachel Potter was eliminated. Rachel deserved to stay over Tim, Carlito & Restless Road. So I'm really upset with the result. 

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