Monday, 18 November 2013

The X Factor UK Season 10 - Live Show #5 Top 8

It's Final 8 already.  In five weeks, we will find out who's going to be the new winner of The X Factor UK.

This week, the acts were challenged with the 'Big Band' theme and they are going to sing a song with a live band.

1. Abi Alton (That's Life) ~ I'm worried for Abi but this performance surprised me. I love how calm she is and her vocal is on point. The timing is very important for this song and she did good. She continued to improve from week to week. A-

2. Sam Bailey (New York, New York) ~ Wow. I need to stop saying 'wow' everytime she performed but I just can't help myself. Masterclass vocal performance from Sam. A+

3. Nicholas McDonald (Dream A Little Dream Of Me) ~ Not my favorite performance from week. This is just average for me. Nothing special about it. B

4. Luke Friend (Moondance) ~ Same as Nicholas, I don't think I will remember this performance after two hours. Last week he was amazing but this week was just average for me. B

5. Hannah Barrett (It's A Man's Man's World) ~ Hannah needs to control her growling. I'm worried for her cause it came across as annoying (the growling). She connected to her song though. B+

6. Rough Copy (Hit The Jack Road) ~ Finally, they're back to their standard. This is great. They have so much fun on stage and it was an entertaining performance from them. A

7. Tamera Foster (Cry Me A River) ~ Beautiful performance from Tamera. I love the simplicity of this performance. It was so effortless and her vocal improved a lot. A

8. Sam Callahan (Ain't That Kick In The Head) ~ I don't get why he got the pimp spot. This song isn't for him and the judges were right. I felt bad for him but this competition isn't for him. C

My Top 3 for this week are Sam B, Tamera & Rough Copy.

Bottom 2 ~ Abi Alton & Hannah Barrett. Hmmm. Both of them deserved to move forward to the next round. I just don't get it. All three boys gave their weakest performance to date and none of them was in the bottom 2. 

Sing-Off ~ Abi's performance is so beautiful. The song perfectly fits her vocal. But Hannah, she slayed me. She picked Wrecking Ball and she did it justice. 


Nicole: Refused to vote

By 3-0, Abi was eliminated from the competition. 

I can't believe the fact that none of the boys ended up in the bottom 2 yet. I just don't get it cause it was obvious that the boys category is the weakest one this season. 

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