Monday, 18 November 2013

The X Factor UK Season 10 - Live Show #6 Top 7


Just finished watching The X Factor UK. The theme this week was 'The Great British Songbook' so there will be Elton John, The Beatles, Rolling Stone and other British classic. Urghh. I want to see a current theme. Or maybe they can still do the British theme but make the song choice more current cause there's a lot of current popular artists from UK now such as Jessie J, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Little Mix, Lily Allen, Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora and so much more.

1. Hannah Barrett (Satisfaction) ~ I hate the song choice. Hannah looked so basic. Instead of doing Amy Winehouse or Jamelia, Nicole gave her this song. I'm worried for her. At least she was in the bottom 2 last week so her fans will vote more this week. B

2. Luke Friend (Your Song) ~ I'm so glad that Luke was doing Ellie's version. I love this. The vocal was nearly perfect for me. I love his emotion and he performed better with the guitar. He's definitely the darkhorse in this competition. A

3. Sam Bailey (Something) ~ Not my favorite performance from Sam. Her vocal is great but this song didn't challenged her at all. She's way better than this song. B+

4. Rough Copy (Viva La Vida) ~ Rough week for them. Something was just off. The timing is off for me. I don't think this song is a right song for a vocal group. Just average. B

5. Sam Callahan (Faith) ~ He's more comfortable with his guitar but this song. Faith is a tough song and you need to have a great vocal for this. Who gave him this song? And I don't think Louis even care about him. With a right song, I think Sam could be better. C+

6. Tamera Foster (Diamonds Are Forever) ~ Nicole was so bad with the song choice this week. I don't think Tamera was comfortable with the song at all. She looked so nervous and she even forgot the lyrics. But I think this will motivate her fans more to vote for her this week. B-

7. Nicholas McDonalds (Someone Like You) ~ I have high expectations for Nicholas this week and I was dissapointed with this. This performance have potential but Nicholas looked so bland on the stage. I didn't felt his performance at all. It was basic. B

My Top 3 performance this week are Luke, Sam Bailey & it's really hard to pick the last one but I'm going with Nicholas cause at least the song choice was great.

Bottom 2 ~ Sam Callahan & Luke Friend. Luke shouldn't be here. But I think it's very obvious that Sam Callahan will go home. I don't think we need a sing-off this week.

Sing-Off ~ But of course we still have one. I think Luke is a clear winner. Sam could be better with a right song but having Louis as his mentor sealed his fate.


Louis: Refused to vote
Nicole: Sam
Gary: Sam
Sharon: Sam

By 3-0, Sam Callahan was eliminated from The X Factor. Now only 6 more singers left in the competition. I think it's very hard to guess who's going to be in the Final. It could be anyone so the next two weeks performance will determine, who's the real frontrunner in this competition. 

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