Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Voice USA Season 5 - Live Show #3 Top 10

Top 10 show wasn't as good as last week. The song choice is a little bit boring and some of them were given wrong song at all. Let's start the recap of last week show. 

1. Austin Jenckes (Your Love) ~ Nothing special about this performance at all. His voice is good but it was too safe and it was just too sleepy for me. C+

2. Jacquie Lee (Clarity) ~ For the first time, Jacquie didn't look comfortable with her song. She looked so nervous. And it was so flat and she failed to connect to the song. It wasn't her best. Wrong song for her. C+

3. Will Champlin (Love Me Again) ~ Good performance but nothing stood out about this performance for me. It was too simple. B

4. Caroline Pennell (Leaving On A Jet Plane) ~ She sang it beautifully but I'm not sure if this song gave her any justice. It was too laid back and slow but at least it was much better than last week. B+

5. Cole Vosbury (To Be With You) ~ He was only 22? Wow, I didn't expected that. This performance was too safe. What's wrong with everyone song choice this week. B

6. Tessanne Chen (If I Were You Woman) ~ She sang it well but it was too old fashioned. I didn't see a recording artist from her performance. B

7. Ray Boudreaux (You Are The Best Thing) ~ Another safe performance. Nothing special about it. It was like a performance for a mini concert. I missed the hunger to win The Voice from everyone. C+

8. James Wolpert (Without You) ~ Not sure if this is a perfect song for him but at least it was interesting enough for me to watch this performance again. He needs to tone down the scream a little bit. B+

9. Kat Robichaud (We Belong) ~ I think this song is perfect for Kat but it didn't worked. I don't get the performance at all. It was all over place. That's not Kat cause Kat a rocker and her performance this week made me felt like I was watching a musical from high school. C

10. Matthew Schuler (Beneath Your Beautiful) ~ Best performance for this week by miles. I didn't like the beginning but after he reach the chorus, it was so gorgeous and beautiful. A

My Top 5 performances for this week are Matthew, Caroline, James, Tessanne & Will. It was really hard for me to pick 5 this week. 

Bottom 3 ~ Austin Jenckes, Caroline Pennell & Kat Robichaud. Wow at Caroline in the bottom 3. I was like really. There's no way Caroline could win this whole competition. 


Saved: Caroline Pennell (Thank God)
9th Place: Austin Jenckes
10th Place: Kat Robichaud

Ceelo lost another artist and Blake lost his first artist in his team. Ceelo needs to step up. He's so lazy. He's such a bad mentor. He ruined Jonny & Kat already and now he's going to ruin Caroline. 

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