Thursday, 7 November 2013

The X Factor UK Season 10 - Live Show #4 Top 9


Let's start my review on last week show. Disco week. I thought I was going to hate the theme, but it turned out to be a pretty decent show. 

1. Luke Friend (Play That Funky Music) ~ Finally Luke delivered. I love his energy and this is totally different side of him. He's a performer and his stage present is amazing. A-

2. Kingsland Road (Blame It On Boggie) ~ I don't know about this. The song choice and performance was very predictable. But their energy were always great. They have fun with it but something just didn't work for me. B-

3. Tamera Foster (Wishing On A Star) ~ Very subtle and beautiful. I love her vocal so much this week. She's getting better and better but I want to see something different from her. I want her to come up with a fierce performance. A-

4. Sam Callahan (Relight My Fire) ~ I don't think it was that bad. Judges hated his performance but I can see some improvements. I don't think the song is right for him. I blame Louis for this. B-

5. Rough Copy (September) ~ This is my least favorite performance from Rough Copy. I don't think the song is right. Gary needs to step up his coaching skills cause Rough Copy has so much potential. B

6. Abi Alton (I Will Survive) ~ I hate the song. I don't get why people keep singing this song in the competition cause the song is too karaoke-ish. Bur I love Abi's rendition of this song. Finally the song meant something for me. The transition between every lines was just beautiful. A

7. Nicholas McDonald (Rock With You) ~ This is weird. He looks so awkward and he definitely can't move and groove. But his vocal is good. B

8. Hannah Barrett (Somebody's Else Guy) ~ Hannah needs to be careful with growling. A little bit too much but overall, she performed so well. A-

9. Sam Bailey (No More Tears) ~ Save the best for the last? Hell yeah. She's amazing. Finally.. Great to see this side of her. Stunning performance. A nice break from the ballads that she kept singing. My first A+ this season. A+

For my Top 3 this week, I picked Sam Bailey, Abi Alton & Hannah Barrett

Bottom Two ~ Kingsland Road & Tamera Foster. No flash vote this week. But Tamera? I guess it's true then that she and Hannah split the votes. Too bad cause both of them were great. To think that Sam Callahan wasn't still in the bottom 2 and Hannah & Tamera were already in it was just so uncomfortable. 

Sing-Off ~ Both acts were great in the sing-off but it was obvious who's going to be saved from the elimination. 


Nicole: Kingsland Road
Gary: Tamera Foster
Sharon: Kingsland Road
Louis: Kingsland Road

By 3-1, Kingsland Road was eliminated from the competition. 

The result was definitely predictable. Tamera shouldn't be here. I'm so glad she's safe from the elimination. But next week, I don't know what's going to happen but one of Tamera & Hannah is probably going to be in the bottom 2. 

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