Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Survivor 27: Blood & Water - Meet The Cast


Aku ni memang peminat tegar Survivor. Sejak dari sekolah menengah lagi aku tengok Survivor ni. Aku masih ingat lagi, pertama kali aku tengok Survivor ialah untuk Season 3. Survivor: Africa. Itulah first time aku tengok Survivor dan sampai sekarang aku masih lagi follow Survivor ni. 

So, the new season will start next week. And I can't wait to see that. The theme this season agak menarik jugak. Bekas peserta survivor untuk musim-musim yang lepas dijemput balik menyertai Survivor tetapi mereka juga akan ditemani oleh partner samada dari ahli keluarga (husband, wife, daughter, niece or brother) atau their own romantic interest (fiancee or lover).

Here are the castaways for this season

Colton (Survivor 24: One World) - One of the vile castaways ever in the history of Survivor. Tapi bagi aku, dia ni very entertaining actually. Sangat diva dan sangat berani untuk memberi pendapat. 

Caleb (Colton's Fiancee) - Totally different from Caleb. Nampak macam very likeable. Mungkin bila ada Caleb ni, Colton kurang meroyan sikit. 

Gervase (Survivor 1: Borneo) - One of the original castaways. I still remember him. Very interesting. Great at challenges dan juga very rootable.

Marissa (Gervase's Niece) - Not sure about her yet. Tapi nampak very athletic. 

Kat (Survivor 24: One World) - Not gonna lie, Kat is one of my favorite. She's funny, tough and very naive. I'm so glad that I get to see her back. 

Hayden (Kat's Boyfriend) - I knew Hayden from Big Brother. Dia menang Big Brother. Very smart. Great social games. 

Laura (Survivor 19: Samoa) - I remember Laura. Still ingat lagi, dia tak takut langsung dengan Russell and even Russell rasa tercabar dengan Laura. Laura definitely a leader. 

Ciera (Laura's Daughter) - Very sweet. She's already missed her family during the interview but same as Laura, I think she will do fine. Nampak very fit and sociable. 

Monica (Survivor 24: One World) - Another survivor from One World. I love One World. Monica is very strong at challenge and she was blindsided by Colton in OW. 

Brad (Monica's Husband) - Very fit & athletic. Football player. 

Rupert (Survivor 7: Pearl Island) - Rupert again!!! Urgh. I like him but I want to see other people as well. 

Laura (Rupert's Wife) - At least we get to see her wife. A lovely person

Tina (Survivor 2: Australia) - Former winner. Tina is very good at social games but not so strong in challenges. If she can make it to the merge, she can win again with her social games. 

Katie (Tina's Daughter) - I like her. I think she's very smart and competitive like her mother.

Tyson (Survivor 18: Tocantins) - He's very straight-forward. His past confessionals were so charming and funny. He's a fun villain. But this is his third time.

Rachel (Tyson's Girlfriend) - Very different from Tyson. Very laid back and calm. 

Candice (Survivor 13: Cook Islands) - This is her third time. I like her but same as Rupert, I want to see other people. Very good at challenges

John (Candice's Husband) - Nampak macam smart. Tapi from the interview a little bit boring. So I don't know. 

Aras (Survivor 12: Panama) - Another winner. Aras is very likeable and also a challenge threat. 

Vytas (Aras' Brothers) - Nampak athletic. Will be an asset for his tribe. 

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