Thursday, 19 September 2013

The X Factor USA Season 3 - Audition #2


Here are my favorite auditions from the 2nd Audition yang ditayangkan kat channel RTL CBS Entertainment di Hypp TV pada minggu lepas.

1. Simone Torres

~ Simone is a very unique teen girls. She's different from the other teenage girls who love makeup and other stuff like that. Personaliti dia kinda quirky a little bit but her voice is so good. Very soulful and the way she projected her voice reminds me of Christina Aguilera. Very likeable but the most touching moment for me was when her father told her that he's proud of her. Such a sweet and tender moment. 


2. Rachel Potter

~ She's a country singer but not really too country to me. Ada background dalam broadway. She has great vocal. Dia menyanyikan lagu Somebody To Love from Queen. Really good and she's very commercial as well. Dia dalam kategori Over 25. Great potential.

3. Al Calderon

~ Daddy's boy!!! Al is very charming and cute. His vocal is great but I think he should be in group. Vokal dia reminds me of Jason Mraz a little bit. 


4. Denise Weeks 

~ Not gonna lie. This is the saddest audition for this episode. Denise ni penyanyi subway, meaning dia menyanyi sambil minta sedekah dalam tren. She sings The Greatest Love of All tetapi tetapi tak dapat catch up muzik. So judges asked her to sing it in acapella and it was better than before. Very likeable and down to earth. And yes, I cried. 


5. Roxxy Montana

~ Trio. And they're sisters!!! They sing One Night Only but it was so messed up. But they got another chance to sing any song acapella and they killed it. I like them but I'm not sure about them. A little bit old fashioned for me. 


Overall, great episode again. Lot of great talents. I'll see you guys later for the review of 3rd Audition. 

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