Monday, 30 September 2013

The X Factor USA Season 3 - Audition #5


Here are my favorites on this episode.

1. Tim Olstad

~ He's so nervous and he's kinda boring actually in term of personality. But when he sings, he's so great. His tone is so great and he's very likeable as a person. It's hard to not root for him. 


2. Celine Polenghi & Summer Reign 

~ These 2 girls stood out for me from this montage. I think they're very commercial and would be so good in group. 


3. Khaya Cohen

~ She has potential but she needs to stop shouting and just singing. I don't get the standing ovation at first but when I searched her on youtube she was so good. She needs to stop over sing a song. 


4. James Kenney

~ He made it to the Nicole's Judges House in Season 1. I don't know about the song choice. Well after Fantasia sing this song, I don't think anyone should ever sing Summertime again. But he has potential. 


5. Emery Kelly

~ Very cute and commercial. But I think he should be in a group. Great potential and girls will love him. 



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