Sunday, 22 September 2013

The X Factor USA Season 3 - Audition #3

Hello everyone.

Here are my top 5 auditions for this episode.

1. Danie Geimer

~ I don't know why but I'm always rooting for anti-social/awkward contestants. Danie is fifteen years old but she's not like the other teenage girls. She prefers reading than hanging out at the mall. She sings House On The Rising Sun beautifully. 


2. Carlos Guevara

~ I'm not really a fan of the sad stories and it really annoys me when people tried to milk the sympathy from the public. But Carlos isn't one of them. He never think that he's a victim. That's why I like him. He suffers from Tourette Syndromes but his song is very clear. Reminds me of James Morrison. Not so commercial but he has potential. 


3. Josh Levi

~ Very confident and I love his rendition of Come & Get It. I love his swag. And I think people will love him. Great tone & great personality.


4. Jeff Gutt

~ He auditioned last year but was eliminated at Bootcamp Round. He's very good but sometimes he tends to mimic other artiste. He sings Don't Wanna Miss A Thing but the judge don't like it cause they don't think it's original. He got another chance and he sings Creep. Much better but still have minor problems like diction and phrasing. But he has potential. His son is so cute. 


5. Colton Pack

~ A country singer. He's very loveable. From a small town and he brings lot of people from his hometown with him. His vocal isn't that great. I think he should be put in a group. 

That's my Top 5. I'm so going to root for Danie. Love her voice. 

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