Monday, 30 September 2013

The X Factor UK Season 10 - Week #4 Audition

Final week of the audition stage. Here are my favorites.

1. Hannah Shears

~ I felt bad for her. I don't like the way the judges forced her to leave her group but they're right when they said that she was better than the other two. I love her arena audition. Great song choice. Huge potential.


2. Joseph Whelan

~ He auditioned in 2012 but was eliminated at Bootcamp stage. Great rock voice but he needs to work on his low notes. His high range is great. He's a father and has a cute and adorable son, 


3. Andrea Magee

~ I love her. She sang her own song. She's the most commercial for the Overs category. Great vocal and she already looks like an artist to me.


4. Lorna Simpson

~ Great R&B voice. She's also in Overs category. Very strong vocal but she needs to work on her image in order to be more memorable. 


5. Sam Callahan

~ WGWG. His vocal isn't that great but he has potential. I think the girls will love her if he makes it to the voting round. He has a Youtube channel and lot of people subscribed to his channel.


That's all for the audition stage. Very promising season. I think the girls and overs categories are so strong this season.  

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