Thursday, 12 September 2013

The X Factor UK Season 10 - Week #2 Audition


Baru tengok Week #2 punya audition. First just nak comment pasal the whole Room & Arena auditions. I don't like that at all. There's no significance at all. I think one round of audition is enough and I preferred the Room Audition more.

This week jugak, still dominated by the girls. Here are my favorite acts for this week

1. Jade Richards

~ Jade is back!!! This is her third time actually. I still remember her first audition in 2011 singing Someone Like You from Adele. Sedih sangat bila Jade tak dapat. Tahun lepas Jade audition jugak tapi hanya sampai stage Bootcamp. Hopefully kali ini, Jade akan dapat masuk Live Shows.

2. Melanie McCabe

~  Another returnee. Melanie pulak sudah 4 kali try untuk masuk The X Factor and she's gettin' better and better. Tahun 2011 jugak Melanie dapat ke peringkat Judges House (sama macam Jade) tetapi terkandas jugak. Tahun lepas, terkandas dekat peringkat Bootcamp so hopefully she can make it this time. I love her audition. Voice control is really good.

3. Abi Alton

~ I love this girl. Very folksy and indie. Her voice is so unique. Totally reminds me of Janet Devlin (2011). But she's much more confidence than Janet. She needs to control her voice more but overall, she has so much potential

4. Relley C

~ Very soulful and strong voice. I love her image as well. I think she's very urban. Another potential for the girls category.


5. Shelley Smith

~ Untuk kategori Overs. I love her personality so much. She's very talkative and interesting. Her vocal is quite okay but she needs to pick different song because the way she sing is a little bit old fashioned. But I still like her.


That's all from me. We still have two more weeks of audition I think. I'll see you guys later. 

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