Monday, 30 September 2013

The X Factor USA Season 3 - Audition #6 & Top 10 Revealed


Finally the audition ends!!! And they already announced the Top 10 for each category. I felt bad to those who's flying to the Bootcamp and then were told that they didn't make it without even singing. At least they should have another round before they pick Top 10 for each category.

Here are my favorite auditions.

1. Victoria Carriger

~ She's a mom with 8 kids and she still looks so gorgeous. Wow. I love her country twang but she needs to work on her diction more.

2. Zach Beeken 

~ Very Scotty McCreery-ish. Deep voice. Cute face. He's so going to win. 

3. Girls United

~ Girlband. I love the chemistry. Great harmony. 

4. Glamourz

~ Baby Destiny's Child. Very young. 

5. Denny Smith

~ Great vocal. He's 69 and he called himself Santa Claus. Yeah he looks like a Santa Claus. 


Here are the Top 10 revealed for every categories. 


 ~ No country boys. My favorites are Tim, Carlos, Al, Stone & Carlito



~ My favorites from the Girls category are Danie, Ellona, Simone, Rion & Ashly



~ My favorites are Rachel, Victoria, Jeffrey, Lillie & James. Strong category this year.



~ I'm so excited about the new manufactured groups. I also like Alex & Sierra, Girls United and Roxxy Montana


That's all. Next week, the Four Chair Challenge will start. Sounds mean and harsh but it's going to be interesting to watch. 

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