Thursday, 19 September 2013

The X Factor UK Season 10 - Week #3 Audition


Here are my favorite acts from the third week of audition. I don't really like the talents this week. Only several acts that stood out for me.

1. Giles Potter

~ My favorite this week. He's so energetic and I love the fact that he's having so much fun with this. Everyone enjoy him and I love the raspy-ness in his voice. Great potential. 


2. Kingsland

~ We have so many boybands right now in the market but I really want to see a boyband who not just can sing well but also can dance well. That's why I like them. They are very energetic and very comfortable on the stage. Vocal not so good. Quite messy but they have potential. 


3. Nicholas McDonald

~ Good singer but I want to see more personality. A little bit bland for me. I think Gary's right that he's not ready yet. 


4. Stephanie Woods

~ She entered before back in 2007. She made it to the Judges House and Sharon was her mentor. She's a nice girl but I'm not so sure. Decent vocal but don't think it was strong enough. We have so many girls with great vocal this season (Hannah, Jade, Melanie & Tamera) and I don't think she can live it up to the other girls that we've seen before. 


5. Brick City

~ Very the Black Eyed Peas. I think they're very interesting. They're more like urban dance type group and I want to see more from them

That's all from me. There's other acts who made it through but I don't really like them such as Next of Kin (too old fashioned) and Rough Copy (kinda annoying). So next week is the last week of audition before the bootcamp. See ya.. 

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