Friday, 6 September 2013

What's On My Ipod? #3


Masa untuk share some new music in my precious Ipod.

Roar (Katy Perry) - Roar ni adalah first single untuk album ketiga Katy, Prism. Lagu ni sangat catchy and the message is very clear. Don't be afraid to be yourself. That's why I love this song. And the music video is super cute and funny. Let's Roar!!!!

Applause (Lady GaGa) - Lady GaGa pun actually release single on the same week with Katy Perry but public love Katy's new song more. Single Applause ni merupakan single pertama dari album Lady GaGa yang keempat, ARTPOP. Mula2 aku tak berapa tangkap sangat dengan lagu ni but it grown on me a lot. The music video is very artsy and very Lady GaGa.

Burn (Ellie Goulding) - New single from the repackage of Halcyon album. This album will be called Halcyon Days. Aku ada album Halcyon tapi takde lah lagu ni. Aku suka sangat lagu ni. Vokal Ellie is one of the most angelic sounds I ever heard. Music video is very cool.

Best Song Ever (One Direction) - I love this song. Very catchy and it made me feel so good. Music video dia quite fun but One Direction really can't dance. The dance looks so awkward.

Safe & Sound (Capital Cities) - This song just made me want to dance. Group ni group indie and this is their breakout song actually. I don't know why but everytime I heard this song, I'll smile. 

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