Friday, 20 December 2013

Album Review: Britney Jean by Britney Spears


After I bought my new laptop, the first application that I downloaded was Spotify. I love Spotify so much. So convenience and I can find lot of songs there. And I don't have to download it. 

As you can see above, the cover was quite simple. It's not my favorite album cover from Britney but I love the simplicity in this photo. Circus is still my favorite album cover from Britney. 

I finished listen to every songs in Britney Jean. And of course I love it lol... It's hard for me to hate Britney's songs. But I do love this album a lot. I love the transition from the dance tunes in the first half of this album to the mid-tempos and ballads. 
  • 1. "Alien"
  • 2. "Work Bitch"
  • 3. "Perfume"
  • 4. "It Should Be Easy" feat.
  • 5. "Tik Tik Boom" feat. T.I.
  • 6. "Body Ache"
  • 7. "Til It's Gone"
  • 8. "Passenger"
  • 9. "Chillin' With You" feat. Jamie Lynn
  • 10. "Don't Cry"
  • 11. "Brightest Morning Star"
  • 12. "Hold on Tight'
  • 13. "Now That I Found You"
  • 14. "Perfume (The Dreaming Mix)"   
It's very hard for me to pick only 5 as my favorite but I'm gonna go with Perfume (The Dreaming Mix, Alien, Work Bitch, It Should Be Easy and Brightest Morning Star. 

Overall Rating:

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