Sunday, 1 December 2013

The X Factor UK Season 10 - Live Show #7 Top 6


This is my recap to the last week live show. The theme for last week was so interesting which is The Best of The X Factor. Contestants will sing a song sang by previous finalists in the past seasons. 

1. Nicholas McDonald (The Climb) ~ No.. This is so predictable. Everything about it so average. I heard so many version of this song before and I think Joe McElderry & Hollie Cavanagh from American Idol 11 did million miles better than Nicholas. Just average for me. B

2. Hannah Barrett (Hallelujah) ~ Alexandra sang this before and I don't think Hannah had the same moment as Alexandra when she performed this. The vocal is good. But so many people sang this song before. And they did better than Hannah so there's nothing special about this performance. A-

3. Luke Friend (What Makes You Beautiful) ~ Luke is getting better from week to week. I love his rendition of this song. He improvised the song according to his musical style and it worked perfectly. A+

4. Rough Copy (Don't Let Go) ~ Little Mix version was just too iconic for them to cover this song. I like their efforts but I think they had trouble with the phrasing and tried too much to sing it like Little Mix. B+

5. Tamera Foster (Impossible) ~ This song is perfect for Tamera and I was so sure this is going to be the Best Performance of the night until she botched the lyrics again. Arghh. But she came back and her high notes were so perfect and beautiful. I love this performance except the part where she forgot the lyrics. A-

6. Sam Bailey (Bleeding Love) ~ Slayed!!! At this point, Sam should win. She never let her fans down. I love the last part of this song. I think it was so beautiful and honest. I felt it. A

My Top 3 are Luke Friend, Sam Bailey and Tamera Foster. Even though Tamera forgot her lyrics I still think it was one of her best performance. 

Bottom 2 ~ Hannah Barrett & Rough Copy. I guess Nicholas has so many supporters. He was clearly the weakest performer and he still manage to avoid the bottom 2. 

Sing Off ~ Hannah performed so well but the fact that we saw she sing the song before kinda took away the greatness of her performance. Rough Copy also did well with Oasis song. Their harmony was so good. I think they edged out Hannah a little bit here. 


Nicole: Rough Copy
Gary: Hannah
Sharon: Hannah
Louis: Hannah

By 3-1 votes, Hannah Barrett was eliminated from the competition. I'm such a huge fan of Hannah. Really sad to see her go. I think her predictable song choice was her main problem in this competition. Also her growling might rubbed people the wrong way. 

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