Thursday, 19 December 2013

The X Factor UK Season 10 - Live Show #9 Top 4


Final Four!!!! The theme this week was Elton John vs Beyonce. Don't ask me what is the connection between these two. It was so random. Maybe cause these two were such a great performer. So two songs again this week. 


1. Luke Friend (Best Thing I Never Had) ~ Tough song to sing. I love Craig Colton version (The X Factor 2011) and Luke Friend's version was good. It wasn't great but he made the song like it was his. That's what I like about this performance. B+

2. Nicholas McDonald (Halo) ~ He started well but after failed to hit the high notes, it went downward and was quite a mess. And he cried. Hmmm. C-

3. Sam Bailey (If I Were A Boy) ~ She nailed it. I heard so many version of this before so I wasn't so impressed with the song choice but she killed it. A

4. Rough Copy (Survivor) ~ They're so energetic. I love their version. Their solo was better compared to when they sing together so they should work on that. A-

Elton John

1. Luke Friend (Something About The Way You Look Tonight) ~ Love this. He nailed it. I love his version more than the original. I hope he will make it to the final. A

2. Nicholas McDonald (Don't Let The Sun Go Down) ~ Much better than the last song. But I don't see any different from the original version. Too much same. B+

3. Sam Bailey (Candle In The Wind) ~ Beautiful vocal. Love the song for her. She never failed to impress me from week to week. A

4. Rough Copy (Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Week) ~ I don't like this. It was too messy and their harmony was off. They sounds good when they sing solo though. It was just okay to me. B

My Top 3 performance this week are Sam Bailey (Beyonce), Luke Friend (Elton John) & Sam Bailey (Beyonce). 

Bottom 2: Luke Friend & Rough Copy. Wow, Nicholas survived the bottom 2 again. I was surprised they have another sing-off. Usually in the Top 4, it was depend on the votes 100%. 

Sing-Off: Both acts struggled with their song. I guess the pressure was just too much for them. 


Gary: Luke Friend
Louis: Rough Copy
Nicole: Luke Friend
Sharon: Rough Copy

Deadlock!!! And the act with the lowest number of votes was Rough Copy. Oh my God. I'm so happy for Luke. I think he was stronger than Rough Copy. So that's it for Gary. This is Gary's final season. He's not coming back next year. 

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