Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Voice USA Season 5 - Live Show #5 Top 6


This week, the artists will get to sing two songs. One from their mentor and the other one was their own choice.

1. Cole Vosbury ~ Rich Girl & Better Man

I like Better Man but to be honest none of this performance impressed me this week. It was good but nothing special. Cole needs to pick something unexpected and surprised us with his version. I don't get that from him this week. B- & B

2. Tessanne Chin ~ Redemption Song & Unconditionally

Tessanne wow'ed me again this week. With both performances. I think Redemption Song was her best performance yet. Her voice control was great and Unconditionally was great as well. Great vocal performance. Suddenly Tessanne just become my new favorite. A+ & A

3. Matthew Schuler ~ Story of My Life & When A Man Loves A Woman

I thought Story of My Life would be perfect for him. But it didn't work for him. The key didn't suit him for me and When A Man Loves A Woman wasn't for him at all. Just like that Matthew lost his front runner status. Christina... Hmmm. I think Christina gave her focus too much on Jacquie. I think Christina has better chance to win The Voice with Matthew. C+ & C-

4. Will Champlin ~ A Change Is Gonna Come & Hey Brother 

I heard so many version of A Change Is Gonna Come and I found his version was average. Nothing special. But I love Hey Brother. His delivery convinced me enough that he should be in the semi final. B & A-

5. James Wolpert ~ Fell In Love With A Girl & I'd Do Anything For Her.

I love Fell In Love With A Girl. I think it's very cool and sexy but his vocal in his second song didn't impressed me at all. Adam mentioned that James lost his voice. I can see that. I want to see more from James. A- & C

6. Jacquie Lee ~ Cry Baby & The Voice Within

Cry Baby was perfect. One of her best performances. It's totally Jacquie while her second performance was just okay to me. Tamera sing the same song for The X Factor and Katharine McPhee used to sing the same song during American Idol. I love their version more than Jacquie. A & B

My Top 3 performance this week are Redemption Song (Tess), Cry Baby (Jacquie) & Unconditionally (Tess). 

Bottom 2: James Wolpert & Matthew Schuler. Not too surprised with this bottom 2.

Instant Save: James was saved from the elimination. So Matthew was eliminated. Just like that. He used to be a frontrunner but Christina didn't really help him to improve himself and coach him better. 

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