Friday, 6 December 2013

The X Factor USA Season 3 - Live Show #4 Top 10


The theme for Top 10 show was British Invasion. 

1. Jeff Gutt (Bohemian Rhapsody) ~ It was just okay for me. I saw better version of this song before. So this one was above average to me. B

2. Tim Olstad (Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word) ~ Predictable song for him. I like the vocal but it was too safe. Nothing special about this. B

3. Khaya Cohen (Let It Be) ~ I like it. I think Khaya's voice sound so good with a ballad song but I'm not sure if this performance is enough to save her from bottom 3 again. B+

4. Josh Levi (Sweet Dreams) ~ I don't like it. It was too messy and he tried so hard. I preferred his performance last week. B-

5. Alex & Sierra (Best Song Ever) ~ Finally a current song and they did great again. I love how different their version was from One Direction. Love it. A

6. Rion Paige (Your Song) ~ Very honest and sincere. I love her performance. I love the way she country-fied the song. A-

7. Carlito Olivero (Satisfaction) ~ Nope. I don't like the song for him. It was so uncomfortable to watch. C+

8. Lillie McCloud (This Woman's Work) ~ Too old fashioned again. Even her vocal wasn't as good as before. I think she's in trouble. B-

9. Ellona Santiago (Burn) ~ Not sure about this for Ellona. Not a right song for her at all. She has a great and strong vocal but this song didn't gave her any justice. B-

10. Restless Road (Fix You) ~ Average and zzzzz... I don't see any improvement from them at all. B

My Top 3 for this week are Alex & Sierra, Khaya Cohen & Rion Paige. 

Bottom 3: Carlito Olivero, Khaya Cohen & Tim Olstad. Not really shocked with the result even though, I was hoping that Khaya will avoid the bottom 3. 

Instant Elimination: Khaya Cohen. :( She just didn't clicked well with the general public. 

Sing-Off: Carlito was much better than Tim. Tim performed You Raise Me Up while Carlito sang Beneath Your Beautiful. Carlito should stay. 


Paulina: Refuse to Vote
Demi: Tim
Simon: Tim
Kelly: Tim

By 3-0, Tim was eliminated from the competition. His song choices finally bite him. I used to really like him but he never tried to do something unexpected and worthy for us to root for him. 

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