Thursday, 19 December 2013

The X Factor UK Season 10 - Finale Part 1 & 2


It's time for the finale!!!! I'm a huge supporter of Sam Bailey but I also love Luke Friend. I like Nicholas but I don't think he did enough to win this competition. 

Nicholas McDonald

1. Candy ~ Okay. I'm not sure who picked this song. But it was so wrong for him. Not good at all. C-

2. Flying Without Wings with Shane Filan ~ Shane from Westlife!!!! I love this duet... Or maybe I was distracted by Shane lol. Westlife was like one of my favorites boyband. I spent my teenage years listened to a lot of Westlife songs. But their vocal blended together so well. A

Sam Bailey 

1. The Edge Of Glory ~ Great song for Sam and suitable for her big vocal range. Great vocal performance from Sam again. A

2. And I Am Telling You with Nicole Scherzinger ~ Yeah Nicole overshadowed Sam but I love Sam vocal more. It was so effortless and beautiful. The performance overall was epic. A+

Luke Friend

1. We Are Young ~ Great performance. I love how relax he was on the stage. The dancers kinda distracted me a little bit but Luke's vocal was on point. A

2. Anything Could Happen with Ellie Goulding ~ Another solid performance from Luke. I love the chemistry between him and Ellie. Their vocal sounds great together. A

Result (3rd Place): Luke Friend was eliminated. Yeah Luke was better than Nicholas but I expected this outcome. With a great material, I think Luke can find a success in the music industry. 

Sam & Nicholas are going to continue the battle to win The X Factor with their Winner's single. 

1. Nicholas McDonald (Superman) ~ Beautiful performance from Nicholas. His vocal was on point and he sounds good on it. One of my favorite performance from him. A

2. Sam Bailey (Skycraper) ~ Simply stunning. The arrangement was more difficult than the original but Sam nailed it. She should win. Period. A+

Winner: And the winner is... SAM BAILEY. I was so relieved lol. She killed it everytime and was so consistent. She's very likeable as well. I think there's a spot for her in the music industry. 

Here are some of my favorite performance from Sam Bailey!!!

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