Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Album Review: Salute by Little Mix


Hari ni still cuti lagi. So hari ni nak review album kedua dari Little Mix iaitu Salute. Little Mix ni adalah pemenang The X Factor UK tahun 2011. And I'm a fan of Little Mix since their The X Factor days lagi. I guess you can call me a Mixer. Tahun lepas, Little Mix released their debut album 'DNA' and it's one of my favorite album last year. 

Genre untuk album kedua ni lebih kepada R&B daripada Pop. It reminds me of album kedua Destiny's Child a lot. Tracklist untuk album Salute adalah seperti di bawah

1. "Salute"
2. "Move"
3. "Little Me"
4. "Nothing Feels Like You"
5. "Towers"
6. "Competition"
7. "These Four Walls"
8. "About the Boy"
9. "Boy"
10. "Good Enough"
11. "Mr. Loverboy"

12. "A Different Beat"

I love Salute even more than DNA. Vokal Perrie, Jade, Jesy & 

Leigh Anne blend together so smooth. Direction music Little Mix semakin jelas. And the flow antara satu lagu ke satu lagu yang lain sangat bagus. Aku paling suka dengan lirik dalam setiap lagu. Lebih matang and not to girly like their first album. Lagi satu kalau untuk album pertama mereka Perrie paling menyerlah tapi untuk album ni setiap seorang dari mereka menyerlah dari segi vokal dan penghayatan. And we get to hear lot of beatboxing from Jesy as well. Love this one so much. If you're a fan of Pop/R&B music, you should get it. Kat Malaysia, album ni dah release. I saw this album at Speedy & Popular Bookstore. 

My Top 5 favorite songs from this album are Little Me, Move, Towers, Boy & Salute

Overall Rating:

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