Sunday, 1 December 2013

The X Factor UK Season 10 - Live Show #8 Top 5


This week, the contestants will sing 2 songs. The theme for this week called Jukebox Week which consisted two themes (Musical Heroes & Viewers' Choice).

1. Nicholas McDonald

Viewers' Choice (Just The Way You Are) ~ Finally. This is my favorite performance of Nicholas. I think his voice control is great and I love how cool and calm his version is. Great vocal. A

Musical Heroes (Greatest Day by Take That) ~ I think this song is too big for Nicholas. He struggled especially at the chorus. It was quite bad. I will be surprised if he manage to avoid being in bottom 2 this week. C

2. Sam Bailey

Musical Heroes (How Will I Know by Whitney Houston) ~ I love how natural was Sam on the stage. She can move and shake. Solid performance from Sam. A

Viewers' Choice (Clown) ~ Yes, we heard this before at bootcamp but this version is even better. Her emotion. I just can felt it. She looked so beautiful. The dress though reminds me of Adele's dress during the Grammy two years ago. Great vocal. A+

3. Tamera Foster

Musical Heroes (We Found Love by Rihanna) ~ Great performance from Tamera. Very commercial and this is so relevant in the music industry. She looked so comfortable and finally she's having fun. A

Vieweres' Choice (The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face) ~ Slayed. Very simple and subtle but so beautiful. She looked so beautiful. Gorgeous rendition of this song. A+

4. Luke Friend 

Viewers' Choice (Skinny Love) ~ Wow!!! I love this. His vocal was great. I really don't know what to say. He continued to surprise me from week to week. A+

Musical Heroes (I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons) ~ Not as great as the first performance but it's still good. This is what his record should sounds like. Pop with the folksy elements in it. A

5. Rough Copy

Musical Heroes (Every Little Step/She's Got The Vibe by Bobby Brown/R Kelly) ~ They have 2 musical heroes so they decided to mash up the song. It was good but I don't think it's a memorable performance at all. B

Viewers' Choice (I Believe I Can Fly) ~ What... I'm really tired with this song but Rough Copy sing it so well. Their harmony was tight. But I just can't with this song anymore. A-

My Top 3 are very clear this week. Sam Bailey, Luke Friend & Tamera Foster. Same as last week. I want them to be in the final. 

Bottom 2 ~ Luke Friend & Tamera Foster. What????? I suspected one of them to be in the bottom 2 since Rough Copy performed last and they will get rebound votes from bottom 2 last week, but I was surprised that Nicholas avoid the bottom 2 again. Scottish votes. Damn... 

Sing-Off  ~ This is definitely the best Sing-Off so far for this season. Tamera performed The Voice Within and it was so beautiful but Luke he slayed, nailed and killed it with Run. I love Tamera but Luke did better. 


Louis: Tamera
Nicole: Luke
Sharon: Tamera
Gary: Luke

Deadlock!!! I think both of them deserved to move forward but the public favours to Luke more. Tamera was eliminated from the competition. I still remember, I don't really like Tamera at first but she grown on me a lot. She will be signed a record deal. Now I'm worried. Based on the previous record, the contestants who survived the Final 5 sing-off will be eliminated the following week. I remember Danyl, Cher Lloyd, Misha B & Union J last year. I hope Luke survive the semi final next week. 

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