Friday, 6 December 2013

The X Factor USA Season 3 - Live Show #6 Top 6


Final 6 already. Two more weeks before we found out who will be the new winner of The X Factor. Two songs this week. First one is a song from a Diva and another song will be Unplugged. I'm really excited with these themes. 

1. Restless Road

Red ~ I like this. The harmonies are much better than before. But Zach needs to step up. Every time he sings, I was like what... It sounds weird. His voice was like coming out of nowhere. B+

Wake Me Up ~ Finally the slayed me. This is a great song choice. Andrew chose it. They should just let Andrew picked song next week. And Zach. He did great this time. His verse didn't sounds weird and he manage to control his deep voice to make sure it balanced with Colton & Andrew's voices. A

2. Rion Paige 

See You Again ~ I think the song was too big to her. Carrie has an amazing range and this song requires great vocal range and Rion didn't have that vocal range. B

Glass ~ Wow... This one was much better. She brought me to tears. I love her emotion and the lyrics of this song is so powerful. Great performance. A

3. Jeff Gutt

Without You ~ It was great but I want him to sing another song. This song was just too safe for him. But great vocal. B+

Daniel ~ I disagreed with the judges. I think this one was better than the first performance. It was so sincere and I love how effortless his vocal this time. He doesn't shout. He just poured his heart into the song. I love it. A

4. Ellona Santiago

Applause ~ Love it. She has some problem with her vocal especially when she walked to Simon, but overall this is great. She looks like a popstar. A-

If I Were A Boy ~ Finally we can focus on her voice without those crazy stages. This is beautiful. Ellona had two solid performances this week. A

5. Alex & Sierra

Say My Name ~ Wow, this is amazing. Their vocals together and Sierra during the yeah-yeah-yeah runs was so magical. They made it so current and fun. A+

Say Something ~ Just when I thought, Say My Name is currently my favorite performance from Alex & Sierra, here comes Say Something. Sierra played the piano and their voices together are just magic. Great performance. Standing ovation. A+++

6 Carlito Olivero

Let's Get Loud ~ JLo performed this song with a very high energy level but Carlito... He didn't have that in him. I want to see he attacked more. B-

Stand By Me ~ I love this song, but he made it sounds so boring and old fashioned. I think Carlito will go home this week. B-

My Top 3 performances are Say Something, Say My Name and Wake Me Up

Bottom 3: Ellona Santiago, Carlito Olivero & Rion Paige. 

Instant Elimination: What... Ellona? I did expected her to be in the bottom 3 but never thought she will be the lowest vote getter this week. This is so wrong.

Sing-Off: Both of them were so bad. Ellona would slayed these two in the sing-off. I preferred Rion than Carlito though. 


Demi: Carlito
Paulina: Rion
Kelly: Rion
Simon: Rion

By 3-1, Rion was eliminated from the competition. Again, Demi become the first mentor to be eliminated from the competition. She did improved though from last season. Girls category was so strong at the beginning. I was surprised at this week result. 

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