Friday, 6 December 2013

The X Factor USA Season 3 - Live Show #5 Top 8


The theme for this week is Big Band. I was like why... And we also have Michael Buble as special mentor for the artist this week. 

1. Rion Paige (Swingin') ~ I think she has so much fun. Very energetic. I like it but didn't love it. She needs to work on her vocal more. B+

2. Restless Road (Life Is A Highway) ~ It was so awkward. And Zach.. He's still so awkward. They have potential but I'm not sure about them anymore. B-

3. Jeff Gutt (Feeling Good) ~ I love it. I think it was my favorite performance from him. Unlike Restless Road, Jeff shown lot of improvements especially his pitch. A

4. Josh Levi (Treasure) ~ Another great performance. He's back from the disaster last week. I love his confident level and he looked so natural on stage. A

5. Carlito Olivero (La Cope De Vida/Maria Maria) ~ His best performance so far. This is him. And this is what he should do every week. Very sexy and his vocal is good. A

6. Alex & Sierra (I Knew You Were Trouble) ~ Not so sure about the arrangement but it was a good performance from them. I like it. A-

7. Lillie McCloud (Summertime) ~ I was surprised she was saved last round but I think this is going to be her last week. Nothing special about it. B

8. Ellona Santiago (Mamma Knows Best) ~ This is my favorite performance of the night. Very energetic and her vocal is perfect. She's a natural performer. Her energy is back. A+

My Top 3 picks are Ellona Santiago, Jeff Gutt & Josh Levi.

Bottom 3: Lillie McCloud, Rion Paige & Josh Levi

Instant Elimination: Lillie McCloud. She's a nice woman. But I'm not sure how she's going to fit the music industry. 

Sing-Off: Rion was too emotional but it was good but Josh did better than her. His version of When I Was Your Man was so pure and sincere. 


Demi: Josh
Paulina: Rion
Kelly: Rion
Simon: Josh

Deadlock!!! Josh was eliminated since Rion received more votes than him. I was surprised to see Josh eliminated again. He's definitely the best in the Boys Category. 

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